Is wedding invitation card necessary?

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Is Wedding Invitation Card Necessary?

Many couples have asked us whether is it necessary to send physical wedding invitation cards? Is it ok for them to just invite them via Facebook invites? Or create an event online and send to everybody? This way, they could save the money to print the invitation cards and spend it somewhere else for the wedding. And most of them feel that guests will throw away the invitation cards once the wedding is over.
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We are in the world where people can easily connect to one another through a click of a button, be it via SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook and email. No longer do we need to write long letters to update friends how we are doing or sending physical family photos to family overseas.

From our point of view, we feel that wedding invitations are important and necessary because the invitation card helps to set the tone of the event. When you received the invitation card from the couple, based on the design and the color used, you would be able to envision what kind of wedding that the couple has planned. Especially as wedding planners, our concept begins from the moment the guest receives the card till the moment they leave the wedding, every little details counts.

Furthermore, it is always polite and more formal to send guests physical wedding invitation than to send them via online means. It shows how important they are to you and how important this event is. And guests will take more responsibility to respond whether they can make it for the event. If it was a Facebook event or via Whatsapp, you will definitely have a hard time trying to get them to respond.

Not forgetting, the wedding invitation card is the first impression you give the guests about your wedding, so it plays an important part on how guests precieved your wedding with this invitation card that they received. Make it the best spoke person for your wedding!

However for Save The Date card, it is perfectly fine to do it via online means or you can even take one step further to create a Save The Date video to send to your guests.

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