4 Questions to Determine Who Should Be Your Maid of Honor

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4 Questions to Determine Who Should Be Your Maid of Honor

We know is very difficult to choose that someone among all your girlfriends to decide who should be your maid of honor, fret not. we have 4 questions for you to help you determine who should be your MOH.

who to choose as my maid of honour
Questions to ask when choosing your maid of honor

1. Has she been with me for more than 10 years?

If she has been hanging out with you for more than 10 years, chances are you will be friends forever! She would still be that someone who will be there to share your wedding another 10 years down the road. And, she's probably the first person that you will call when he first proposed!

2. Does your family know who she is?

If your family members know who she is, where she stay or even ask you about her, she's probably like a family to you. No doubt the connection that you have with her is more like sisters than friends and that's definitely another extra point for her to be your Maid of Honor!

3. Is she the one that I will go to when I have problems?

Think about the days when you are having a bad day at work or when you have problems in your relationship, who would you confide in? Was she there to listen to your problems and give you advise? During your planning process, you will need someone like her who can calm you down, give you advise on the choice of your wedding gown, decoration etc. to keep you sane.

4. Is she reliable?

As we all know, a bride can't do everything on her own on the wedding day and thus, that's where the Maid of Honor comes in to help out with the planning process. So in order to make sure that she is able to take up the responsibilities of ensuring that everything is in order, you will have to access her capability in her organizing skills and how she would be managing the rest of the bridesmaid

We hope these questions helps you in choosing your Maid of Honor!

Love and Be Merry,
Denise and Michelle
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