Should I have a big or intimate wedding? 4 Questions to Ask

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Should I have a big or intimate wedding? 4 questions to ask

It is very common in Singapore to have weddings with at least 250 guests as that is usually the minimum requirement for hotels. Whereas for an outdoor venue, usually the max is between 100-150 pax, so should you have a big wedding or an intimate wedding?

We have planned many weddings, most of which are around 300 - 600 guests, a handful are less than 100 people. We noticed the elements in deciding if you should have  a big versus an intimate wedding and concluded it into 4 main questions to ask for you.

#1 Who would you like to invite to your wedding?
Who would you want to spend this special day with? With people close to your heart or with everyone that you have been in touch with?

The most significant difference when it comes to a big versus intimate wedding would be the guests. For an intimate wedding, your guest list is kept small and you have to be very careful with who you are inviting. And most of the time, these people will be those that are really close to you and mean something to you in your life. This would also mean that you will have more time to mingle and share the love and happiness you have with these people during the wedding.

But of course having a big wedding makes you less stressful with the people that you want to invite as you don't have to worry about leaving anyone out or turning anyone down.

#2 Where do you want to have your wedding?
Are you dreaming of having your wedding in a big and classy ballroom with high ceiling and chandeliers or a venue that is cosy and has a lot of personalities?

To see the list of wedding venues in Singapore and it review, click here:

#3 What type of mood that you want to create for your wedding?
A big wedding makes your wedding feel like a big party especially if you are having a live band or a DJ to spin for your after dinner party. However, it doesn't mean that you can't have a great party when you have an intimate wedding! But the plus side is, you get to have much more time to spend and mingling with your friends in an intimate wedding setting.

#4 How would you like to allocate your wedding budget?
What is important to remember is, intimate wedding not necessary cost less than a big wedding. All decision come down to what is your priority when it comes to having your own wedding? E.g. pretty details that it Pinterest worthy, grand affair at prestige venue, delectable food and beverage, a night filled with entertainment and etc.

Major cost (40%-60%) of the wedding comes from the food and beverage, hence with lesser people, you will spend lesser on food theoretically. With the $xxxxx amount of your wedding budget, set a priority, work out the sum and make a decision from there.

Lastly, when it come to the amount of work in planning a big or intimate wedding, it is the same! We hope the 4 questions above would be able to help you decide to have a big or intimate wedding.

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Love and Be Merry,
Denise and Michelle

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