Wedding at Four Seasons - David and Peng Min

8:55 PM

four seasons hotel wedding

David and Peng Min - a recent wedding we've done at Four Seasons hotel. Simply a pure celebration that reflect who they are as a pair of mature, loving and committed couple is how I would have recalled that night. 

To quote what the videographer saids - "this is a beautiful wedding!". In indeed, the gratitude and authenticity expressed during their speech and singing by the gown, we believed as touched lots of people heart on that night. 

Sincere thank you again for having us and thank you for this encouraging note below! :)

"One of the key reasons for us to look for a wedding planner is that I travel overseas a lot for my work, and that Peng Min is mostly out of the country too. It struck on us that we definitely needed someone to assist us, guide us through the works of wedding planning. We've spent some time “googling” for a suitable wedding planner, and Idea Inn was amongst the few we've come across. We've read the various testimonials on the Idea Inn webpage, and also came across some of the positive feedback from various forums. Following our gut feel, we decided to engage Idea Inn as our official wedding planner. It was only after the selection that we realised a friend of ours also engaged Idea Inn for his wedding in early 2013. I was there to witness how smoothly his event went, and this added another plus point to our decision to engage Idea Inn.

Denise is a very detailed person. She is calm, flexible, attentive and very helpful.  Though we’ve done some homework of our own, we would never have imagined how much details were needed when Denise started sharing some of her experiences with us.  It really spared us the agony of having to source for banquet venues, videographer and photographer, Live Band, Justice of Peace, the list just goes on.  In addition, she would give us her recommendation, which helped us a great deal.  The only thing that we would have to do is to just choose and pay.  I really thought that the wedding preparations would just add on additional stress on top of our work life, but all the detailed work that Denise had managed seamlessly allowed us to enjoy our normal day to day life, leading us to a fun, worry free wedding ceremony.

“Enjoy your big day, leave the worries to us.”  These were the words of comfort and assurance from Idea Inn and various partners involved in our celebration.  We never felt so relaxed during this day.  The whole event is like a stroll in the park, timely and hassle-free.  Never have a chance to feel stressed about how the event went.  We practically let Idea Inn run the show.  The only worry we had was how to look good and enjoy the biggest day of our lives!

Both Peng Min and I have never regretted engaging Idea Inn as our Wedding Planner, and the experiences Denise and her team has brought to us really made our biggest lifetime event a memorable one!  We truly enjoyed this journey, and would strongly recommend anyone whom are going to tie the knot soon, don’t take it to task to do everything yourself, not especially for your big day.  Instead, get to enjoy every single second of that day with the help of a wedding planner.  Idea Inn was our choice, and it could be yours too!"


Wedding day planning and coordination by Idea Inn

Photography by Vamos Photography

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