10 Things To Note When Having A Wedding At Burkill Hall, Singapore Botanic Garden

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10 Things To Note When Having A Wedding At Burkill Hall, Singapore Botanic Garden

Your Burkill Hall Wedding Planning Cheatsheet

Planning to have a Burkill Hall Wedding Reception? Read and prepare the following 10 things so your wedding planning process can proceed more quickly and with less hassle..

1. Burkill Hall Wedding Capacity

Level 1 of Burkill Hall takes up to 80 people for round table arrangement. However we advise couples to avoid arranging long tables.. as the big heritage table in the center, which is approximate 7ft, cannot be removed. Level 2 of Burkill Hall takes up to 100 pax for round tables and 80 pax for long tables. The maximum capacity for Burkill Hall is 180 pax. Any more guests than that number will not be allowed. Do note that the officer will come and check prior to the start of the event to make sure that the seatings are only for a max of 180 pax.

burkill hall wedding reception photo
Wedding at Burkill Hall Photo

2. Booking Timing

Booking must be made for a minimum of 4 hours. Most couples will book 8 hours (from 2pm to 10pm for a dinner event, and 8am to 4pm for a lunch event). However, a very important thing to take note of is that the booking time includes the time for setting up and clearing after the event. So depending on your type of setup, and the amount of decorations that you are doing for your wedding, it is highly recommended that you book beyond 8 hours to accommodate the setting up and clearing down.

It would be best to check with your caterer on the amount of time they require to do setup and teardown. However all wedding activities must end latest by 10pm, although clearing can end later. More details of booking can be found on NParks Website.

3. Meal Type
For buffet, it is pretty easy as little setup is required - probably just the warmers will do and not much cooking utensils are required. However, Nparks is pretty strict with regards to the kitchen area that the caterers are setting up e.g. no canvas or tentage is allowed at the back of Burkill Hall. The only thing that they allow are folding partitions.

If you are looking at Chinese banquet, kindly note that no open fire is allowed in Burkill Hall. Chefs can only cook using induction cooker. With this rule, most caterers will definitely inform you that the food may not taste as good as if they were to use a wok, as induction cookers only allows flat pans and pots.
burkill hall wedding dinner photo
10 things to note for weddings at Burkill Hall photo
4. Air Coolers And Fan
As Botanic Gardens Burkill Hall is not air conditioned, most wedding couples will rent air coolers or fans to keep the guests cool during the event. However, due to the weight of the air coolers, it is not advisable to place at level 2 if the number of people is already maximized. Also, based on our wedding planning experience, the air coolers don't really help - especially for those who are seated far away from the air coolers; only those seated near the air coolers can feel the cool air. Hence, we would suggest you provide some paper fans for each guests which you can also include the thank you message for them.
Outdoor Weddings at Burkill hall
Paper Fan for Outdoor Weddings at Burkill Hall Photo
5. Directional Signage

Kindly note that no signage is allowed in Singapore Botanic Gardens other than those that belongs to them. We have had couples who were worried that their guests could not find the place and would like to place additional directional signs to guide them to the venue but it was all not approved by the management of Burkill Hall

6. Tables & Chairs

Kindly note that the legs of all tables and chairs need to be cushioned in order to avoid scratching the Burkill Hall floor. Nparks will have an officer to run through all the existing marks prior to handing over the event space, and should there be any additional marks made after your event, you will have to get a contractor to clean away the marks. Therefore please ensure that your vendors have all the chairs and tables padded on the legs. Same thing for AV equipments, projector screen stands, sound systems, even the masking tape that is used to tape the wire must be removed without a trace.

7. Throwing Of Rose Petals And Confetti 

Throwing of rose petals is allowed in the lawn, however you will need to clean up every single rose petal that is on the lawn. Confetti is strictly not allowed. However based on our experiences there, it is very difficult to clean the rose petals on the lawn, and thus as much as possible, try not to use it at all, unless you have someone to clean it.

Wedding Burkill Hall Photo
Wedding at Burkill Hall Photo
8. Generator

There are quite a few power points at Burkill Hall, however they only allow 13Amp per power point, or to put it in a simple way, it is similar to what we have at home. Anything higher will probably need a generator. All electricity has to be tapped from the building as any electricity tapped from the garden may cause power failure and the applicant will have to rectify the problem at their own cost. If you are getting your own generator, you need to send the generator information (such as the make and model) to Nparks for approval.

9. Parking 

Limited parking spaces are available at Burkill Hall. There are 6 lots located next to Burkill Hall. However these lots are usually taken up by the caterers to park their vehicles. Hence, we would suggest you to check with the caterer how many lots they would need to park their vehicles. For guests attending your wedding, they can park along Tyersall Ave. However, the lots are also limited and parking charges apply. There are coach lots available but you can only park there after 6pm. It's best to check with Nparks on the coach bay parking. Otherwise guests can park their cars at these respective carparks found on their website :

10. Clearing After The Event

Please note that all clearing of rubbish must be done by the applicant. It will not be done by Nparks. Therefore please work with your caterer to have additional manpower to clean away all the rubbish such as rose petals, food waste etc. There will usually be a cleaner there but he will not clean it for you. Also, do get your caterer to bring their own broom if possible as the cleaner only provides one broom and one dustpan for you.

Burkill Hall wedding dinner
Interior Burkill Hall Photo
After reading this list of 10 things to note when having a wedding at Burkill Hall, Singapore Botanic Gardens, we hope you have an easier time planning your wedding. However, if you still need more help and time getting your wedding done, we are here to assist! Do call us (Michelle 9693 9149 or Denise 9792 6476) to discuss how we can work with you in planning your wedding at Burkill Hall today!

Cheers To Your Wedding Success,
Denise and Michelle
Hitched Weddings and Parties

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  4. My friend who also was maid of honor stumbled upon this place, a hidden gem, and we popped over right away to see if it had possibilities. On first look and we knew it was perfect. The view from wedding venues NYC is to die for, and provided a breathtaking backdrop to the ceremony and then dinner.

  5. They added a few stems of green leaves for decoration – to the beautiful pre-made bouquets. My favorite florist ever. Their $10 Flower Bouquets brighten up my living room.


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