Garden Themed Weddings Singapore - 15 Best Ideas for Cakes, Decorations, Favors, Invitations and Table Names

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Garden Themed Wedding Singapore

15 Best Ideas for Wedding Cakes, Decorations, Favors, Invitations and Table Names

Need help planning your garden themed wedding in Singapore? In this blogpost, we share some of the best ideas we've gathered from various sources on the Internet! From fresh flowers garden themed wedding cakes, unexpected garden themed wedding decorations, usable garden themed wedding favors, fantasy garden themed wedding invitations and animal garden themed wedding table names, you can be sure your wedding is one where lots of flowers and greens appear together! Simply perfect for Singapore nature lovers to share their passions with their wedding guests on their special day :)

Garden Themed Wedding Singapore Photo
Garden Themed Weddings Photo
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Elegant Garden Themed Wedding Cakes

1.We think it's a wonderful idea to get your wedding cake artisan to decorate plain white cakes with a combination of fresh and silk flowers..
2. Use cream and marzipan to create a field with your favorite flowers..
3. Lace with small flower bouquets are feminine yet refined..
Garden Themed Wedding Cakes Singapore Photo
Garden Themed Wedding Cakes Photo
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Unexpected Garden Themed Wedding Decorations

4. Long curtains can give your garden themed wedding an even more romantic feel. But don't stop there.. trail the curtains with your favorite leaves and flowers to enhance the floral garden atmosphere.. 
5. Having a garden themed wedding doesn't have to be all about using plants and fresh flowers. Suitably-colored paper lanterns makes the dining area look fun! 
6. Desire something more unusual and impactful? Place objects you wouldn't normally see in an outdoor garden, like a crystal-chandelier or gold-gilded-mirrors, to put you in a royal mood...
Garden Themed Wedding Decorations Singapore Photo
Garden Themed Wedding Decorations Photo
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Usable Garden Themed Wedding Favors

7. Get your guests involved in gardening by presenting them with seeds of your favorite flowers.. so they can continue to enjoy the beauty of a mini flower garden at home..
8. If sweets are your thing, incorporate floral-patterns on your candy-containers..
9. Gift your wedding guests the benefits of drinking honey with a twist.. it helps that the golden honey color in glass bottles looks so fabulous in sunlight!
Garden Themed Wedding Favors Singapore Photo
Garden Themed Wedding Favors Photo
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Fantasy Garden Themed Wedding Invitations

10. Make your fantasy garden come to life! Get an artist to use the flowers you love to form a fantasy garden as part of your wedding invitations design. Cursive fonts blend well with the free-flowing forms of plant branches and plump flower buds.
11. Maybe a tree decorated with fairylights sparks joy in your imagination?
12. Or a summer wedding visited by butterflies could be the picture in your mind that makes you smile..
Garden Themed Wedding Invitations Singapore Photo
Garden Themed Wedding Invitations Photo
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Animal Garden Themed Wedding Table Names

13. A garden is never complete without the animals that visit. Highlight their existence if you appreciate the wildlife that comes with an overseas garden.
14. Moss is a material that works exceptionally well as a wedding table names decoration..
15. Flowers in a metal bucket are quaint and effective as wedding table names. Extend your garden wedding theme even further by throwing out table numbers. How quirky is it to use plant names to identify which tables your guests should sit at instead?
Garden themed wedding table names singapore photo
Garden Themed Wedding Table Names
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Have these garden themed wedding ideas sparked your imagination to see what is possible for your wedding in Singapore yet? Singapore is already well-known as a Garden City. But you can always take your imagination further into the fantasy woods of Europe, wildflower fields of Australia... and much, much more !

Get in touch with us today by sending us your wedding details on our contact page, click here: Looking forward to work with you to realise your very own Garden Themed Wedding soon! :)

Cheers to your wedding success,
Denise and Michelle
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