Should I Pay for My Entourage Attire?

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Should I Pay for My Entourage Attire?

So now you have selected your bridesmaids & groomsmen, next thing on your mind would be the attire that they are going to wear on the wedding day. Most couples would prefer their entourage to be in the same outfit as it will turn out nicer in the pictures. So who should be responsible for the dressing budget? Although it is not mandatory for couples to pay for their entourage attire but we have list out a few scenario which we feel it is always nice for the couple pay for the attire.

Tutu skirt for bridesmaid in various shade

#1 Specified Style, color and material
If the couple only has a color concept but they prefer their entourage to wear a specified style, color and material eg halter neck satin pink dresses for the bridesmaid and pink cotton shirt for the groomsmen, then they should pay for the attire, as the entourage might have different shades of pink dress or pink shirt, so they may end up having to buy new ones.

Super hero outfit for bride fetching!
#2 Concept Wedding
If the couple has a unique concept like a Super Mario theme, Back to School, Lord of The Rings, Starwars etc, which requires them to purchase the attire, in this case, couple should pay for their entourage clothes. As these clothes are unique to the theme and most people probably wont have such clothes on hand!

bridesmaid dresses ideas
Light pink ciffon dress for bridesmaid. Being elegance can never go out of style!
#3 Designer Wear
There may be a certain designer that you like and you would love it if everyone wore that label, such instance the couple should pay for the attire as it could be something that is not within the entourage budget and thus it would be a nice gesture to pay for their attire.

Instances when couple do not have to pay for the attire is when entourage are only required to adhere to the color theme, eg any shades of pink or purple. Or when they are only require to adhere to the style, eg as long as it is  a short dress or a shirt, any color is fine.

In any case, paying for your entourage attire even it is just a tie to match the color theme of your wedding is always a nice gesture and it a good chance for you to express your appreciation for their time and effort to being there for you. Of course, we want to keep it close to you budget as well. Be creative in to explore that else can you do if you not going to say thanks by paying for the outfit.

Be a gracious wedding host!
Denise and Michelle
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