Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Singapore

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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Singapore

What gifts should i get for my bridesmaid

There's never a wedding where the bride does not have any bridesmaids, and brides are always looking for unique bridesmaid gift ideas. And we all know that those who you've chosen to be your bridesmaid are those who been thru lot of tears and laughter together with you for them to be that that special person with go thru your wedding day with you.

Showing appreciation for the bridesmaids is very important to the bride, they are there to help you wipe your tears, puff up your gown, hold your makeup pouch so that you look gorgeous the whole day, carry your gown so that you can walk around mingling with your guests without worrying that you will step on your dress. And thus we have come up with top 5 awesome bridesmaid gift ideas for your unsung heros, the bridesmaids!

#1 Personalized Tote Bag for bridesmaids
unique bridesmaid gift ideas
Personalized Tote Bag for bridesmaids
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A cute bridesmaids ideas if you are having a beach or garden party, fill the bag up with straw hats, slippers and towel! Be creative with this idea! You can also incl. wet tissues, fan, water and energy bars or another other items that suit the occasions. In this technologies age, power bank could be one of the good option too :)

#2 Bath Robe with Bridesmaid Initial 
cute bridesmaid gift ideas
Bath Robe with Bridesmaid Initial
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Customize their names or initial on the bathrobe and match it with a pair of bedroom slippers packed in a nice box adorn with ribbons! Who wouldn't love to your bridesmaids!

#3 Tumbler customised with bridesmaid names
Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Singapore
Tumbler customised with bridesmaid names
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How cool is it to have your own personalize tumbler that looks so pretty! They can fill it up with drinks during dinner and show the rest of the guests how special they are to you!

#4 Personalised Flip Flops for bridesmaids
diy bridesmaid gift ideas
Personalised Flip Flops for bridesmaids
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This is really useful for the actual day especially if they are in heels the whole day running around with you. Reward them with this personalize flip flops after the wedding that they can put on to rest their feet. Pair it with a small bag that contains a manicure set and nail polish and you will be the person that they love most!

#5 Bridesmaid Survival Kit for Wedding Day 
inexpensive bridesmaid gift ideas
Bridesmaid Survival Kit
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We all know how things happen on actual day, chipped nails, strands of hair coming out, blisters from wearing new shoes and lots of tears. Get this bridesmaid survival kit so that your bridesmaid can stay pretty the whole day!

This can be one of the inexpensive bridesmaid gift ideas yet personalised gift when do it with a nice punch that you guys saw while shopping together and just get a alphabet separately to make sew on it or attached it as a chain.

#6 DIY bridesmaid gift box

diy bridesmaid gift ideas
DIY Bridesmaid Gift Box
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You can also DIY your own bridesmaid gift, simply get a nice box, fill it up with items that you want to give them, eg toiletries, perfume, scented candles, small both of champagne, salt bath, Laduree macaroons as the sweet treats and etc but remember to alway have a pretty card to write down your own personalise message for them the wrapped it up with a nice ribbon as the final touch!

Do let us know how these bridesmaid gift ideas singapore working out for you. And feel free to share with us if you have more unique bridesmaid gift ideas. We are feeling happy for your lucky bridesmaid already!  Have fun exploring :)

Love and Be Merry,
Denise and Michelle
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