How Much Alcohol Should I Buy For My Wedding in Singapore

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4 Guidelines to Help Decide How Much Alcohol Should I Buy For My Wedding in Singapore

How much alcohol should we buy for our wedding?

So, you are going to have a wedding and you have no idea how much booze to provide for your wedding guests, the worse part of the wedding is when the drinks run out way before the wedding ends. So how much alcohol should you prepare for your wedding, below is a guide for your to decide how much booze you need.
How Much Alcohol should i buy for my wedding photo
How Much Alcohol Should I Buy For My Wedding photo

#1 Serving size of each drink
A bottle of 750ml wine can pour roughly 6 glasses depending on how much you pour into the glass. A bottle of hard liquor will probably get you roughly 18 glasses, also depending how much you pour. A 30-litre barrel of beer will get you roughly 90 glasses.

#2 Number of people in the wedding
When it comes to calculation, we based on the assumption that 1 person will drink 1 glass an hour, so if you have 300 guests and the duration we will based on 4 hours, you will need to have 300 x 1 x 4 = 1200 servings of drinks.

Based it on 4 hours is because most wedding banquet serve 8 course dinner and usually it takes about 3 hours for the whole banquet to finish and cocktail is usually around 45mins. If you do not want to serve alcohol during cocktail, then based it on 3 hours. But based on experience, people don't drink that much when dinner start so you can reduce the quantity accordingly after getting the final figure.

#3 Ratio of alcohol, wine, beer and soft drinks
The ratio is just a guide, eventually it depends on your guests, are they good drinkers or not, the time of the week, more during weekends and less during weekday, except where Public Holiday is on a weekday. You might also want to take into consideration the time of the day, lunch wedding usually consume less alcohol compared to night time. A good ratio would be to based on 30% soft drinks, 35% wine, 15% hard liquor and 20% beer.

#4 How much should I buy
Based on the above, you will have 420 servings of wine, 180 servings of hard liquor and 240 servings of beer. Which when divided by the number of servings per bottle, you should get 70 bottles of wine, 10 bottles of hard liquor and 3 barrel of beer. And remember to include the complimentary alcohol that's already included in our wedding package!

This is just a guide on how much alcohol you should get for your wedding, however you need also take into consideration your guests, time of the day and time of the week to decide the final amount that you would like to get. If you know that your guests are wine drinkers rather than beer drinkers, you can increase the percentage of wine and reduce the percentage of beer.

Drink and Be Merry,
Denise and Michelle
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