Summer Rustic Themed Wedding at Burkill Hall Botanic Gardens

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Summer Rustic Themed Wedding at Burkill Hall

Don’t we all love rustic theme? It is one of the most popular themes for outdoor weddings and we would like to share one of the summer rustic themes that we have done at Burkill Hall Botanic Gardens before. The colors chosen are more towards yellow, orange, green and a slight tinge of pink to reflect the summer colors!

Burkill Hall Summer Rustic Themed Wedding Arch

Instead of having the usual arch with full floral, we created a more squarish arch using twigs, and have flowers concentrated only in the center and at the bottom of the arch.
To give it a more wedding feel, we had orange and mint green ribbons hanging from the arch.

Burkill Hall Summer Rustic Themed Wedding Chairs

Tiffany chairs were used for this wedding with yellow caspier tied to the side of the chairs. For a more rustic feel, you can consider having long benches wrapped with burlap cloth or stacks of hay if you can get it in Singapore.

Burkill Hall Summer Rustic Themed Wedding Flower Centerpieces

The chosen VIP centerpiece was a cluster of floral arrangement in jars using flowers like eucalyptus, mathiolla, roses and caspier. For the guest centerpiece, it was kept simple with a big bunch of baby’s breath in a jar that we wrapped the center of it with twine for that touch of rustic feel. You can also add in tree truck slices as a base to the centerpiece if you have more budget.

Burkill Hall Summer Rustic Themed Wedding Dining Tables

If your dining tables are in long table arrangement, have a burlap as your runner, and sew the table number by the side with your initials. Table arrangements could consists of groupings of different glass jars with flowers, throw-in style. Or if you are adventurous enough, line the whole table with brown twigs and have flowers arranged randomly among the twigs. Did you know? The twigs can also double up as table holder and menu holder.

Burkill Hall Summer Rustic Themed Wedding Lighting Decorations

For dinner events, have hanging fairy lights at the lawn, I’m sure your guests would love to hang around at the lawn under the “stars”!

Planning your summer rustic themed wedding at Burkill Hall Botanic Gardens consists of so much more than just deciding which backdrop, wedding chair decorations, flower centerpieces, dining tables and lighting decorations to use! We can help ease your time and energy to hold the wedding party of your life...! Email us at now and we'll handle things for you. :)

Cheers to your wedding success,
Denise and Michelle
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