3 Options on How To Start Planning Your Wedding For Brides

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3 Options on How To Start Planning Your Wedding For Brides

1. Hire A Professional And Reputable Wedding Planner In Your City
Don't know how to plan your wedding and need help running the whole show? An experienced wedding planner will have their customised tools/checklist in place to get a bride started on planning their wedding. The essential decisions (e.g. wedding theme, budget planning and timeline management,etc) will be nailed down by the first few meet ups, and he/she will continue to work with you to implement the plans in place. Needless to say, your wedding planner is a person who constantly thinks and talks about weddings. Hence, he/she would be able to provide their suggestions/advice based on their experiences in planning and executing many weddings. Rest assured your wedding will be in good hands with this person.
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how to starts planning your wedding photo
How to start planning your wedding photo

2. Do Your Own Research
In this age of technology, you can easily find yourselves hundreds of wedding planning ebooks and checklists online. Some of the checklists online, provide guidelines such as timeline management, list of questions to ask your vendors, latest trend of color for weddings, etc. If you are a bride who loves to read and research, this might be the best option for you. And you would enjoy the process.

! Reminder : this DIY way of planning your wedding could be stressful for the bride and maybe your husband. Do bear in mind that the biggest job you will have as a bride, is to look pretty and refreshed on your wedding day. Avoid becoming one those shagged brides who are too exhausted from planning her own wedding. Remember : you can get professional help to execute your wedding plans together with you on the actual day too.
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3. Activate your friend(s)
Interestingly, there will always be "I want to help you with you wedding!" kinda friend(s) in a group. This friend(s) may be a person who has dreamt of being a wedding planner as their career or he/she has helped many others weddings of his/her friends or church members. This person could a good candidate to get help from.

However, we've also seen cases when friends turned into foe because of many expectation not met during the wedding planning process. As wedding planning is a time consuming and tedious process, hence it could be tiring for your friend if they also need to work in the day and spend time with their family/other friends. Be sure you've worked out a good communicating system with your friend whom you would like to seek help from.

For Brides, learning how to start planning your wedding.. is only the beginning! 

The entire process from planning, to executing/implementing your plan, to coordinating the actual wedding day itself is a lengthy process that requires LOTS of time and energy. We feel that the level of  happiness of bride and groom in this process is also one of the priority. Hence, choose a way that works for both of you. And our recommendation is to hire a wedding planner! 

Contact the reputable wedding planning company in your city and have a chat with them. Most likely, you will find out what you don't even know and understand how they can help you better. Leaving this important day of your life in the hands of a professional might be the best decision you ever made.. beside marrying the love of you life of course. :)

Call us : Denise 9792 6746 or Michelle 9693 1949 now for help to start planning your wedding. :)

Congratulations for Getting Hitched!
Denise and Michelle
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