9 Unbelievably Helpful Things a Wedding Planner Can Do For You

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9  Incredibly Helpful Things A Wedding Planner Can Do For You

In Singapore, there is common debate about 'Why do you need to hire a wedding planner?' So we say that every wedding couple ought to know what a wedding planner can do for you, before you make that judgment call whether to hire a wedding planner or not...

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#1 Relief Your Wedding Planning Stress

Have you heard frightening stories about how much time and energy it takes to pull a wedding together perfectly? If so, you know you don’t want to be so stressed about your wedding that you can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t work. Worst is if you can’t even concentrate on spending quality time with the dream person you've just got engaged to..

A full-time wedding planner plans and organizes weddings in their day-to-day life. Hence, their experience makes them someone who knows what to put in place quickly, to get your wedding plan started and on track. This allows you peace of mind to continue with the other important aspects of your life.

Do the things only you can do. We can handle the wedding planning for you, but we can’t be the beautiful and happy bride you deserve to be on your wedding day. So let us do our job of helping to relief your wedding planning stress. :)

#2 Save Your Precious Time

A common mistake in wedding planning is to spend precious hours and nights on Pinterest pinning ideas you like. Why? Because in the end, you have a nice pin board with all the beautiful ideas and nice photos.. BUT you don’t know how to put it together and use it for your wedding. Tremendous amount of time spent, yet it leads you to even more confusion and frustration! And trust us, once you start pinning, you can’t stop.

What a wedding planner can do for you is to help you save precious time on endless research for ideas and/or wedding vendors. More importantly, a wedding planner helps you create a timeline for everyone to understand what needs to be done when. And helps you get organised instead of you struggling on your own without a clear direction.

#3 Saves You Money 

Can it be? Yes, you hear us right. A good wedding planner will help you to save money. It’s not in our interest to hand you a bill you can’t afford to pay.

A good wedding planner would know the cost for different services and can better spot whether a price is way OTT (over the top) or 'too good to be true'. Having said that, while it’s our main concern for you to save cost, it’s also our priority that your money is well-spent and you get what you paid for - in terms of getting quality service from wedding vendors. In other words, cheap doesn’t always mean it’s good. It’s our job to find that balance for you.

#4 Lead You To Reliable And Quality Wedding Vendors 

With the help of technology nowadays, we can all easily access the portfolio of a wedding vendor online, or even get to know their rate. But what is the point of comparing prices without knowing their attitude at work and how reliable they are on delivering their promises. Your wedding planner will be the best person to get all this insider info.

As a wedding planner, we recommend you vendors whom we’ve worked with before and hence know from experience, that they are the right person who can deliver your requirements.

#5 Be Your Perfect Sounding Board

What's next after you've created your secret 'Dream Wedding' Pinterest board? How do you realize all these ideas for your wedding? Do you know whether the ideas you have in mind are workable? What would be the cost, etc?

You wedding planner would the perfect person you can discuss all this with! She/he will be able to use her/his experience to share with you the feasibility of ideas; advise you on the cost based on her experience in creating many other weddings; and also give you more stylish ideas to create a wedding that’s totally you! From venue decor, ceremony flowers, table linen, wedding favours, menu card, table number, entertainment/live band, lighting, personal flowers and to everything in between, your wedding planner will be the person who makes sure every bit of those details reflect the style of your wedding. Because their eyes are trained for handling details.

#6 Provide You With Creative And Stylish Ideas

What happens if you are someone who is clueless about what you want for your wedding? Rest assured that a good wedding planner is able to provide you with inspirations and ideas based on what they understand about you, and the story of you and your partner. All you need to do is decide!

Decide on one theme/idea and let your wedding planner make the rest of the details happen for you in a steady, calm and assured manner.

#7 Point Of Contact With All Participants

I'm sure you don’t want wedding planning to take over your life. You signed up to be a gorgeous bride/groom, not a wedding planner! Imagine what a nightmare it will be to find yourself emailing and coordinating with numerous wedding vendors all sort of nitty-gritty details, on your own, all the time! That would be the time you eventually discover that DIY wedding planning is not that fun after all..

A wedding planner is your lifesaver in stressful moments. We remind you about payment, coordinate vendors on their setup before the wedding; dismantling after the wedding, brief vendors about itinerary and ensure they perform their roles on the actual day, make sure your wedding party is well fed and take care of a whole other bunch of unforeseen situations prior to and on your wedding day.

#8 The Neutral Party And Expert On Wedding Issues

Do your family and friends tell you how your wedding should be? Many wedding couples are struggling to meet the demands of their family and friends, while also valuing their own opinions of how their wedding should look, what food should they get, what should they wear, etc..

Your wedding planner will be the neutral party who can help you deal with expectations from people around you, by showing you available options and alternatives with their experience in wedding issues and weighing on what can be done and what cannot. He/she helps you see the big picture and keep your best interest in mind.

#9 In-charge Person For Your Wedding Day

After months of planning your wedding, finally your wedding day is here! This is the day for you to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Time for you to be a stunning bride/groom and celebrate the day with your family and friends. Dance and Be Merry! But WAIT! Who is there to make sure that your wedding happens according to plan, while you are having fun?

Yes, that person should be no one else but your trustworthy wedding planner whom you have been working with for months. Your wedding planner is the person who is most familiar with your wedding plans and is also an expert in working with your various wedding vendors on the wedding day. You can rest assured that your wedding day is in good hands as you focus on enjoying your special important day with a peace of mind.

Reality is : Good wedding planning and execution is a full-time job requiring tons of time, effort and energy.. 

Making sure that everything runs smoothly on the actual day, requires a specialized set of skills and experience. That is why wedding planning is a highly-specialised service to help make your wedding planning an enjoyable and efficient process for you and your partner.

Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean you give up control over your wedding. It’s still your wedding. You just make an intelligent decision to outsource the role of project-manager for your wedding project. So you pick a qualified project manager who uses his/her expert skillset to assist you in making your wedding happen smoothly and beautifully.

A caring groom once said to his bride (who was obsessed with DIY-ing their wedding placecard and table decor, when both of them will be in another country, coping with their new jobs and new environment just before their wedding) : “Honey, do the things only you can do.” How brilliant!

And it’s true that there are things only you can do for your wedding. We can help you to plan and make your wedding happen, while only you can be that beautiful and happy bride/groom to celebrate the day with your loved ones. Focus on the things only you can do! Pass/leave the rest to us.

There is nothing unwise about hiring someone who can help you to have a much more enjoyable experience in planning your wedding. In fact, we think hiring a wedding planner is one of the best things to spend your money on.

Invite us to be part of your wedding planning process. Drop us an email with your wedding details at hello@hitchedweddings.com.sg to discover for yourself precisely how many unbelievably helpful things a wedding planner can do for you. 

Love and Be Merry,
Denise & Michelle
Hitched Wedding Planners

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