Wedding at St Regis Singapore

3:19 PM

Wedding at St Regis Singapore - Darren & Alisa

We've done quite a few number of weddings at St Regis Singapore hotel. I love this ballroom. it's simply clean and chic. the classic ceiling lighting and mirrors on side wall has also added a very classic touch to the room. As what I can remember, this is our 1st wedding there

The wedding day coordination process with them started 2 months before their wedding. They have usual morning customary that incl. bride fetching, gate crashing and tea ceremony. The solemnisation and their wedding dinner was held at the hotel itself. 

this is specially made as their ring holder. it's 80% look alike especially for Alisa 

WeddingAtStRegisSingapore-D&A VIP table centerpiece
the table centerpiece for their VIP table

WeddingAtStRegisSingapore-D&A wedding cake
another customised item - the wedding cake that feature their pre-wedding photos taken at Paris

champagne pouring with her sexy photos in the background. it's pure coincident, not planned.

WeddingAtStRegisSingapore-D&A wedding speech

Both Darren & Alisa prepared a very touching speech already. in additional of Alisa's surprise singing item dedicated to Darren, many was touched by their love to each others :)

Wedding Day Coordinations with Idea Inn
Photography by LightedPixels

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