Eating Tang Yuan On Wedding Day FAQ

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Eating Tang Yuan On Wedding Day FAQ

Did you know that couples will eat glutinous riceballs soup on the day of their Traditional Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony? Discover why, how and what to do if you would like to follow this meaningful tradition and have an auspicious marriage too!

eating glutinous riceballs traditional chinese wedding tea ceremony
TangYuan prepared for Wedding Couple
Eating Tang Yuan Wedding Frequently Asked Questions:

1a. Why do people eat Tangyuan (汤圆) on their wedding day? / 1b. What is the meaning of eating Tangyuan on your wedding day?

Eating tangyuan on your wedding day symbolizes success and family togetherness. Since glutinous riceballs (tang yuan) are round, it represents a wholeness and perfection to the marriage. It's very important for traditional chinese weddings to be surrounded by auspicious symbols.
(Click here to see what ingredients to add in your wedding tangyuan soup...)

2a. What kind/type of tang yuan to eat on your wedding day? / 2b. Does it matter which/what filling to use in wedding tangyuan? / 2c. For wedding, should you choose tangyuan with or without filling?

The key of preparing wedding tangyuan is the soup must be sweet. The basic ingredients for the soup is sweetener (e.g. gula melaka or brown sugar), dried longans (龙眼干) and red dates (红枣).
In addition, some Chinese people will add lilybulbs to symbolize everlasting harmony together.
The safest choice is to use glutinous riceballs without fillings. It's the most traditional and will ensure you avoid having unsightly fillings stuck on your teeth in photos.

3a. When to eat wedding Tangyuan / 3b. Where to eat wedding Tangyuan?

After the Groom fetches the Bride back to the Groom's place, the first thing they usually do is pray to the ancestors or deities/Gods. After that, they will enter the 'bridal bedroom' and eat the wedding tangyuan, preferably on their 'new bed'.

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